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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, scheduling a workout within the day was already a difficult task. It can be harder than ever to find time to work out because so many people work from home and youngsters attend online classes. Physical activity is still essential for enhancing long-term health, managing weight, elevating mood, and reaping many other health advantages, even if it might be challenging to keep active when life is hectic.

We will discuss some useful strategies for fitting exercise into a hectic schedule and how to make the most of the time you do have to exercise in order to help you take care of your short- and long-term health. If you need some inspiration to get fit, keep reading.

15 Tips for Fitting a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

Here are 15 suggestions to help you work up a sweat no matter how busy you are if you’re not sure how to fit exercise into your schedule:

1. Plan Out Your Gym Time

Including physical activity on purpose into your routine is the first step toward finding time for exercise in a busy schedule. If you don’t consciously schedule a workout, you’ll probably find yourself preoccupied during the day and end up pushing your workout till later. It doesn’t take long for a month to pass since you last visited the gym.

By scheduling your visit, you can also take advantage of the facility’s empty hours. It’s more likely that the cardio equipment and weights you want to use will be available if you go early in the morning, during the day, or late at night when fewer people are around. You will be able to complete your workout more quickly and spend less time away from your other obligations if you visit the gym during off-peak hours.

2. Be Efficient at the Gym

When you’re pressed for time at the gym, there are workouts that can help you burn as many calories as possible while working various muscle groups simultaneously. Compound exercises work two or more joints and several muscle groups simultaneously. You can burn more calories in less time and gain more overall muscle mass by performing these exercises, which demand higher energy output from more muscles.

Exercises that combine two movements, like squats and an overhead press, or one fluid motion that trains numerous muscles at once, like lunges, are known as compound exercises. Conversely, isolation exercises concentrate on targeting a particular muscle. Classic exercises that focus on a single muscle, like bicep curls, have their place, but they won’t help you get the most out of your workout in the least amount of time.

Try to incorporate between 70% and 80% of compound movements into your workout to get the most out of the little time you have at the gym. Use the remaining time to complete isolated exercises for any desired muscle groups.

3. Try High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an ideal workout for a quick gym session because it burns fat quickly, much like compound exercises. HIIT entails exerting maximum effort for a brief period of time, resting briefly, and then beginning another full-effort session. HIIT workouts increase heart rate and burn the most calories because of the strong intervals and quick recovery times.

Efficient Workout Tips for Busy Schedules
Efficient Workout Tips for Busy Schedules

To increase your aerobic fitness, you can conduct high-intensity interval training (HIIT) using cycling or sprinting intervals. Alternatively, you can perform burpees or other exercise intervals to increase your strength and stamina. With its intense training in brief bursts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) accelerates metabolism and increases excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

This implies that even after your workout, your body will continue to burn calories. You will be sweaty and fatigued after an HIIT exercise, but you will have achieved comparable fitness goals in half the time.

4. Work Out With People

Making the most of every chance to interact with others outside of the home is part of a busy mom’s fitness routine. You may make your workouts work twice as hard for yourself, and you can also grab a companion or two and use your sweat session as an opportunity to catch up for an hour. Exercise with a fitness partner is always more enjoyable and helps hold you responsible.

You and your pals may start forming healthy habits even if you’re not a busy mom by trading in happy hour for an hour at the gym. A wonderful date night for couples can include going to the gym together and then enjoying a lovely dinner to replenish energy. Engaging in physical activity together can help you both maintain your fitness levels despite your hectic schedules and prevent date night monotony.

5. Sign Up for a Fitness Class

If you find it difficult to squeeze exercise into your hectic schedule, you might want to think about enrolling in a fitness class. It’s simple to schedule a fitness class with a set start and end time and organize the remainder of your day around it. Setting up a specific time for exercise brings accountability, which can help you stay motivated to show up to the gym.

Exercise lessons are enjoyable as well. To avoid being bored with your routine, try something else, like yoga or spinning. To make the class something that everyone looks forward to each week, get a couple of your buddies to join up with you.

6. Work Out While Your Kids Exercise

You can fit in a fast workout while your kids are at sports practice or any other form of supervised activity. Go to the gym or wherever your kids are rehearsing, or just run around. Consider obtaining a jogging stroller and strapping your kids in for some extra fresh air and an extra training challenge for you if your kids are still too little for clubs and activities.

You might be able to drop your kids off at an event sponsored by the gym while you work out, depending on the kinds of youth or child care programs that your neighborhood gym offers. For working parents, the majority of gyms provide some kind of kids club, so be sure to see what your gym has to offer. But be advised that your gym’s alternatives for child care may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.


7. Keep Workout Clothes in Your Car

As you attempt to squeeze exercise into your hectic agenda, you’ll need to seize any extra time that presents itself. You never know when you might have to cancel an appointment at the last minute or arrive at work earlier than expected. You can save time by always having a change of clothes and running shoes in your car, so you can run or go to the gym without having to waste time getting ready.

Efficient Workout Tips for Busy Schedules
Efficient Workout Tips for Busy Schedules

You might even be able to fit in a fast workout over your lunch break if you are prepared. Remember that taking something is always preferable to doing nothing, no matter how brief it may seem. Actually, getting in quick workouts throughout the day can be quite beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. Try performing a quick bodyweight circuit, trying some desk exercises, or taking a quick stroll if you are unable to get to the gym in time.

8. Make the Most of Your Commute

Consider using your commute as an opportunity to start moving rather than spending as long it takes you to get to work sitting in your car. Simply traveling to and from work can provide you with a significant amount of exercise, whether you want to walk, bike, or run. Running home might even get you there faster than using public transit, as an added bonus.

Simply get off the bus, train, or metro a few stations early and run the remaining distance if your workplace is a little farther away than you’d prefer to run. Park your car further away from your office than normal to extend your walk for a quick workout.

9. Take the Stairs With Purpose

Choosing to use the stairs rather than the elevator is a simple method to fit exercise into your daily routine. Make sure you power up the stairs rather than walking at a leisurely pace when you do use them. You’ll be able to maximize every flight with this. Consider increasing the amount of stairs you climb in a minute by progressively increasing your speed. You can work on your glutes even more if you can walk two steps at a time without becoming injured.

10. Multitask While Exercising

While working out, you can still do work. While it’s ideal to give your workout your whole attention in the gym, occasionally a hectic schedule makes it impossible. Use your time when riding the stair machine, stationary cycle, or walking on the treadmill to look over any work-related reading you have to do.

It is also possible to mix less significant commitments with exercise. If you have a favorite show that you watch every week, think about watching it while working out on the gym’s elliptical machine or while performing push-ups and crunches at home during commercial breaks. For the complete family or group of friends to participate, you could even plan an exercise watch party.

11. Join a Gym Virtually

A virtual gym subscription is the answer for you if you’re wondering how to work out while working from home or how to work out without leaving the house so you can babysit the kids. By signing up for a virtual gym membership, you may use its exercise classes and other services, like a personal trainer, without having to worry about who will watch your kids while you go out.

Additionally, you can work out whenever you choose and at your own speed. Fitness, nutrition, recovery, education, and community are the five bridges to general wellbeing that are included on the virtual platform provided by 5 Bridges Health & Fitness. You’ll be able to take advantage of both live and recorded exercise courses, as well as community events with other fitness enthusiasts.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are confined indoors, therefore more gyms are starting to offer virtual memberships. This implies that you ought to have no trouble locating a virtual membership program that meets your requirements.

12. Run Your Errands — Literally

Run your daily errands, if at all possible, to the post office or grocery shop. If you have a jogging stroller, you can even take your child with you on the vacation. If you’re not into running, think about getting where you need to go by bike or walking. Remember that you might return with bags from your purchases, so make your plans appropriately.

13. Be an Early Bird

When the kids are still asleep is one of the ideal times for working out for busy parents. You can get up and complete a good workout before your kids even open their eyes if you set your alarm clock early enough. Aside from that, working out early will help you feel accomplished and energized for the remainder of the day.

If your spouse also enjoys working out early, consider creating a schedule where you alternate working out early every other day. This way, one of you will always be at home in the event that your child wakes up early.

14. Compete With Yourself

No matter how busy you get, setting objectives is a terrific approach to keep yourself motivated to exercise. Create a realistic plan of action and some specific fitness objectives, like hitting a particular weight on the bench press or cutting a certain amount of time off your mile time. Choose a reward, such as a stylish new pair of jeans, that you can enjoy after achieving a goal to add extra motivation.

To stay on the correct track, be sure to monitor your exercise levels and your advancement. You can identify when you’re maintaining healthy behaviors and when you need to make some changes by keeping a fitness notebook. You can quickly accomplish your fitness objectives if you keep a tight eye on your exercise levels.

15. Figure Out What You Like

Finding an exercise you enjoy doing is another approach to make sure you make time for exercise every day even with a busy schedule. While there are techniques of exercising that take less time than others, you should pick exercises that make you look forward to working out. Instead of becoming a chore, exercising should become something you enjoy doing. Choose an activity that excites you about working out, as you won’t want to go to the gym if you hate it.

Try trying with various workouts like yoga, powerlifting, or even dancing if you’re unsure of what kind of routine is ideal for you. Since each person is unique, it’s okay if your preferred method of exercise differs from others’. Try to figure out what best fits your tastes, lifestyle, and personality.

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